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Written in plain C. Boots instantly. Responsive UI. Recompiles in seconds. Supports hot reloading everywhere.

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Made to be hacked. Extend or modify with plugins. The flexibility of a custom engine with the convenience of a ready-made one.

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Maximum performance. Fiber-based job system. Modern rendering architecture.

Image: Plugin-Based

The Machinery is a collection of collaborating plugins.


In The Machinery, everything is a plugin.

You can extend, modify or replace existing engine functionality with your own plugins. And you can do this while the editor or the game is running, since the plugin system supports hot-reloading.

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Image: The Creation Graph

Image courtesy of Karll Henning.

The Creation Graph

Our graph-based import workflow gives you detailed control over how models are imported and rigged in the engine, letting you do advanced things such as generating procedural geometry or piping image channels to specific GPU compute jobs.

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Image: Centralized Data Model

Object properties with support for inheritance and overrides.

Centralized Data Model

In The Machinery, all data is stored in a centralized data model called The Truth. This way, even your custom game automatically gets support for things like serialization, undo, prototypes, merging, property editors and copy/paste.

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Image: Live Collaboration

Real-time collaboration.

Live Collaboration

Unlike any other engine, The Machinery supports real-time collaborative game editing. Multiple people can work together in the same game project and see each other’s changes instantly, just like in a Google Doc.

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